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5 Benefits of Dentures

close up of dentist's hands as they hold a life-like model of teeth and gums explaining the benefits of dentures

At Local Start Dental, we offer dentures and dental implants to residents of Durham, NC and the surrounding communities. Dentures and dental implants are the best options for those missing teeth and wishing to regain their smile and confidence. The many benefits of dentures outweigh any concerns regarding the care or cleaning of dental prosthetics.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, an estimated 35 million Americans currently have either dentures or dental implants. This number has steadily increased in recent years as more people opt for denture treatments as permanent solutions to missing teeth.

Local Start Dental specializes in providing dental prosthetics—dentures and dental implants. Call 919.569.5533 to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

5 Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have many advantages, as millions of Americans can attest to. However, the five main benefits of dentures include the following:

Improved Aesthetics

Dentures can help restore a natural-looking smile and improve the appearance of teeth drastically. This can lead to a renewed sense of self-confidence and greater self-esteem. With a healthy self-image, achieving social and professional goals becomes easier.

Improved Speech

Missing teeth can make it difficult to pronounce certain words correctly due to the lack of support and stability provided by teeth. Dentures can help restore clear speech and reduce any embarrassing slips of the tongue.


Properly fitted dentures are comfortable and secure to wear, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about them slipping out of place or causing discomfort. Additionally, the extraction of any teeth that could not be saved or were posing health risks ensures comfort and improved oral health.


Modern dentures are much more durable than those from years past, lasting for many years with proper care and maintenance. Modern dentures are typically made from a combination of acrylics and metals. Acrylics provide the base for the denture and provide shape and form, and the metals ensure that the denture is strong and durable.

Eating Ability

Because dentures are securely fit in the mouth, they allow for improved biting and chewing ability, which was previously lacking due to missing teeth. This restores the joy of eating, as many favorite foods there were hard to enjoy now become a regular mealtime pleasure.

The Advantages of Dentures by Type

Local Start Dental offers several options for dental prosthetics depending on the patient’s specific needs. These options include the following:

Complete Conventional Dentures

This is what most people are familiar with when they hear the term “dentures.” This prosthetic fits over the roof of the mouth and is usually glued into place during the day and removed at night for cleaning. They are often a more affordable option than other types of dentures and are very common.

Implant Overdenture

Overdentures resemble conventional dentures but clip to implants surgically placed in a patient’s mouth instead of using an adhesive. Like conventional dentures, they are removable. Overdentures provide many patients with more ease as they chew and are a mid-price option. 

Dental Implant

Thanks to modern denture technology, patients can now choose from hybrid options. Unlike conventional dentures and implant overdentures, hybrid dentures are non-removal prosthetics. However, these prosthetics attach to implants in the jaw, much like implant overdentures. They cannot be removed at home for cleaning but are removed and thoroughly cleaned at dental visits. They provide the most secure denture care and are the least bulky while helping patients maintain jaw health.

Contact Local Start Dental to Discover the Benefits of Dentures

There are many reasons to get dentures. At Local Start Dental, we strive to provide quality dental prosthetics that enhance both smiles and confidence while providing maximum comfort and function. We are located in Durham, NC and serve residents of the surrounding area.

Our non-profit practice works with the UNC Adams School of Dentistry to provide professional prosthodontic services to patients and advanced clinical training. Our Mission is to restore smiles and confidence for our underserved neighbors while advancing the clinical skills of dental professionals.

Call 919.569.5533 or reach out online to schedule an appointment today. You will soon be on your way to a better smile and renewed confidence!