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Near Durham, North Carolina

Change your smile. Change your life.

Our new, state-of-the-art non-profit facility is wholly focused on providing customized life-changing tooth replacement solutions in our “one-stop shop,” saving you time and money.

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About Us

We Meet a Need in North Carolina

Our location in Durham means we can serve the needs of the surrounding communities such as Raleigh and Greensboro. And there is a need among North Carolinians for tooth replacement services:

Approximately 30% of all North Carolinians over age 65 have no natural teeth. Furthermore, the state has more than twice the national rate of costly emergency room dental visits, where patients generally receive treatment only for pain and not for the underlying causes of dental distress.

Edentulous adults are often treated as second-class citizens, facing economic barriers as well as health-related problems. Adults missing only a few teeth often encounter difficulties finding jobs commensurate with their abilities and are relegated to low-paying positions or unemployment.

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Our Mission

We Are a Non-Profit Facility and Accept Medicaid and VA Benefits

Our non-profit model means that while we do not accept major commercial insurance providers, we do accept VA benefits and Medicaid, something few other dental service providers do.

We also offer income-based sliding scale fees, and of course, we accept private payment for our top-quality services for those with the means to pay.

Our mission is to serve the diverse community of North Carolinians in need of tooth replacement services and change lives by changing smiles.


Read Our Testimonials

“My experience with Local Start has been amazing thus far. Love my dentist, assistant and the entire staff. It’s not like going, getting the work done and that’s it. They get to know you personally and you them. Looking forward to going back and finishing treatment and I would recommend
Local Start dental to anyone.”

– BJ M.

“The doctors and staff were amazing. They were so helpful and kind. People like me need all the help we can get. My confidence will be completely reserved. And it will because of this amazing team and working with me. Thank you so much.”

– Stephanie M.

“My wife and I just recently started receiving treatment at Local start and couldn’t be more pleased with the way we’ve been treated. Everyone that works there is so nice and they really make u feel welcome. I would definitely refer them to my friends and family.”

– Carl & Jaime F.

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Affordable and Professional Teeth Extractions Are Possible

If you are not confident about your smile, affordable and professional prosthodontic services – including emergency teeth extractions – are available at Local Start Dental in Durham, NC. Our goal is to change lives one smile at a time. Get started today!

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