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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Smiling man holding model of dentures while learning about the cost of denture treatments

Dentures are artificial replacements for missing teeth. They consist of a prosthetic material, typically either acrylic or metal, that is fitted to your mouth’s remaining gum and bone structure. In addition to providing aesthetic benefits, dentures restore facial shape and support the lips and cheeks, which can help improve speaking and eating abilities. With proper care, dentures can last for many years before needing to be replaced.

When it comes to the cost of denture treatments, there are several affordable options. Local Start Dental offers a full range of low-cost denture services to meet any budget. With years of experience providing cost-effective solutions for people’s oral health needs, we are a go-to source for people seeking quality denture treatments at a fraction of the price. Contact us today at 919.569.5533 and see how we can help make your dream smile come true.

What’s the Cost of Denture Treatments?

Dentures are removable dental prostheses that replace missing teeth. They can improve oral function, boost confidence, and enhance overall appearance. Different types of dentures and denture treatments are available to fit your budget. Consider the following options.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are made of acrylic or metal and held in place with clasps attached to the adjacent teeth. How much do these dentures cost? The answer heavily depends on the materials used, the case’s complexity, and the location of your dental provider.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures are designed to replace all of your missing teeth. They can be made of acrylic or porcelain and are held in place by suction and the natural contours of your gums. The cost of full dentures can vary drastically depending on factors such as materials used, dental provider fees, and insurance coverage.


If the price of traditional dentures is a concern, there are denture alternatives you can consider. One option is snap-on dentures, secured to dental implants surgically placed into your jawbone. This alternative typically costs less but still provides a secure and comfortable fit. Another low-cost option is flexible dentures, made of a soft and pliable material that conforms to your mouth’s shape.

Denture Financing Options

If you cannot afford to pay for your dentures upfront, denture financing options are available. Some dental providers offer payment plans or third-party financing to help you spread out the cost of your dentures over time. Dental insurance may also cover a portion of the cost of dentures, depending on your plan’s coverage. You can use the dental plan for denture treatments if you are eligible for Medicaid. Alternatively, non-profit organizations, dental schools, and community health centers offer free or low-cost dental services. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and taking care of your dentures can also help prolong their lifespan and avoid costly repairs or replacements. Investing in your oral health and appearance is worth it in the long run. Talk to your provider to find the best affordable denture treatment option.

Get Affordable Dentures from Local Start Dental

At Local Start Dental, we offer eligible patients discounted rates on various services including full and partial dentures, implants, overdentures, dental extractions, and prosthodontics. Our clinic also offers financing options for those needing additional assistance covering costs. In addition to providing quality treatment at an affordable rate, our experienced staff members will work with you to create treatment plans that meet your individual needs and goals.

Local Start Dental understands how important oral health is to overall health and well-being. For this reason, we strive to provide services to all individuals regardless of their financial situation. If you’re looking for an affordable option for dentures or any other dental service, don’t hesitate to contact us at 919.569.5533. We can discuss the cost of dental implants, dentures, and other treatments and help you take the first step toward a beautiful, healthy smile.