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Snap-On Dentures: Pros and Cons

person smiling in dental chair learning about snap-on dentures pros and cons

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable tooth replacement solution that can help improve your oral health and confidence, snap-on dentures may be the right option. Also known as lock-in or click-in dentures, these removable dentures are designed to provide a secure and snug fit over your gums without needing messy adhesives or irritating metal clasps.

At Local Start Dental in Durham, NC, our highly skilled and trained prosthodontists specialize in providing personalized and effective snap-on denture solutions to meet our patient’s unique needs and preferences. Exploring the pros and cons of snap-on dentures so you can make an informed decision about your oral health care needs.

If you need lock-in dentures in Durham, North Carolina, call 919.569.5533 today to schedule a consultation with our prosthodontists.  

Snap-On Denture Pros

When it comes to snap-on dentures, there are numerous advantages. The following are some of the significant perks of these denture treatments:

  • Precise fit – Snap-on dentures are designed to fit precisely over your gums, providing a comfortable and snug fit that does not cause any irritation or soreness. Unlike traditional dentures, they are not held in place by metal clasps or adhesives, which can loosen over time and cause discomfort or pain.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Snap-on dentures are made from high-quality materials that look and feel just like natural teeth. They provide an attractive and natural smile that can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Better oral health – Snap-on dentures are designed to fit closely around your gums, preventing food particles and bacteria from getting trapped underneath. This can significantly reduce your risk of gum disease or other oral health problems.
  • Easy to maintain – Snap-on dentures can be easily removed and cleaned, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene and health. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings can help keep your snap-on dentures in top condition for many years.
  • Stability – Lock-in dentures offer a more natural feel than traditional, removable dentures. The dentures snap onto dental implants, which allows for greater security and stability when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps to eliminate the fear of slipping or shifting dentures, providing peace of mind to the wearer.

Snap-on dentures can be made to fit over various dental implants or abutments, allowing for versatility in their use and application.

Snap-On Denture Cons

Despite the many benefits of lock-in dentures, there are some drawbacks. Here are some additional factors to consider before you make any decisions about your oral health:

  • Cost – Snap-on dentures can be more expensive than traditional dentures due to the need for specialized materials and fittings. However, Local Start Dental offers competitive pricing for our lock-in denture solutions.
  • Possible discomfort – While snap-on dentures are designed to be comfortable and snug, some patients may experience initial discomfort or soreness while adjusting to them.
  • Risk of breakage – Snap-on dentures are made from durable materials that are not indestructible. They can break or chip if dropped or mishandled.
  • Maintenance requirements – Snap-on dentures require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the build-up of bacteria or stains.

Additionally, lock-in dentures are not immediately available. The process can take several months, requiring multiple appointments and healing periods between implant surgery and denture placement. However, the wait is well worth it, as you’ll have a more functional and aesthetically appealing smile.

Contact Local Start Dental Today for Your Snap-On Denture Needs

At Local Start Dental in Durham, North Carolina, we are committed to providing each of our patients with personalized and compassionate dental care solutions that meet their unique needs and preferences. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of snap-on dentures or are ready to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced prosthodontists, contact us today at 919.569.5533 or through our online form. We look forward to helping you achieve your best smile with our lock-in denture solutions.