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3 Reasons to Join Our Dental Student Training Program

dentist looking at X-ray with dental students demonstrating reasons to join a dental student training program

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry, located in Chapel Hill, is one of the nation’s premier dental schools, known for its excellence in research, education, and patient care. As part of Local Start Dental’s mission, we partner with the UNC Adams School of Dentistry to give students hands-on training in our office. The partnership also allows us to provide low-cost dental care to the community. These are two of several good reasons to join our dental student training program.

If you’re interested in participating in our dental student training program, contact Local Start Dental. We can give you more information about eligibility, enrollment, and how your registration can change your life and the lives of others. Call 919.569.5533 today to learn more about this opportunity and its many advantages.

3 Reasons to Join Our Dental Student Training Program

At Local Start Dental, we allow aspiring dentists to receive comprehensive instruction from dental professionals. Through our program, participants get a well-rounded experience of what it’s like to work in the industry. A few benefits of the dental student training program are as follows:

1. Hands-On Experience

Dental students in our program undergo training during clinical rotations, providing an unparalleled opportunity to learn and get hands-on experience. They may use state-of-the-art technology, including digital lab equipment and cone beam imaging, in our lab under qualified supervision and learn best practices from dental experts. The hands-on experience can give students a competitive edge as they begin their careers.

2. Relationship Building

While attending our dental student training program, participants regularly engage with dentists, prosthodontists, and industry professionals. These relationships and professional connections may be invaluable for success as students enter the workforce. Enrollees also interact with community members, which can help them start building a client base.

3. Make a Difference

At Local Start Dental, part of our mission is to make a difference in the community by restoring smiles and helping people regain confidence. Participating in our dental student training program permits enrollees to facilitate positive changes in the lives of others. As a result, students may feel a sense of satisfaction that boosts their confidence.

Who Is Eligible?

If you attend the UNC Adams School of Dentistry, you may have a place at Local Start Dental. We provide training and volunteer opportunities for third- and fourth-year dental students and graduate residents. However, our dental student training program is also open to pre-dental students and allied health professionals. We encourage anyone interested to call or visit our clinic to see our offer.

More Benefits of the Dental Student Training Program

Local Start Dental believes that all people deserve access to the best dental care. We proudly partner with practicing dental students, volunteers, and professionals to make our vision a reality.

During the first year of our dental student training program, we:

  • Provided training for over 50 dental students
  • Administered dental care to more than 1,200 patients
  • Collaborated with over 30 community partners

The benefits of our student training program are numerous. Enrolling today can allow you to start your professional journey and become part of our mission to give back to the community.

Enroll in the Dental Student Training Program at Local Start Dental

If the many reasons to join our dental student training program resonate with you, get in touch with Local Start Dental. Our program allows students to gain real-world experience and confidence before committing to a full-time position. We can answer your questions and help you get started on enrollment.

At Local Start Dental, we offer an array of learning opportunities tailored specifically for those interested in dentistry. Our dental student training program provides invaluable insight into the profession. Now is your chance to take advantage of this great opportunity – contact us today at 919.569.5533 to start your career in dentistry.