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Do I Need Dentures?

image of model of dentures addressing the question do i need dentures

Dentures are prosthetics that offer an affordable, low-maintenance way to restore your smile. They can help you regain confidence and improve your oral health if you have one or several missing teeth. Do I need dentures? How can I tell when to get them? These and other questions are helpful to consider when determining if these prosthetic devices suit you.

If you’re looking for high-quality denture treatments, look no further than Local Start Dental. Our experienced prosthodontists create natural-looking, comfortable dentures that fit clients perfectly and enhance smiles. Contact us today at 919.569.5533 to schedule a consultation and determine which dental solutions might be best for you.

What Are Signs You Need Dentures?

More apparent symptoms of needing dentures include missing or broken teeth that fillings or bonding cannot repair. Loose or worn-down teeth are another tell-tale sign that a person might benefit from dentures.

Some individuals may experience a decrease in confidence due to noticeable changes in their smiles. Those who avoid showing their teeth and feel insecure in social settings may get a self-esteem boost  following denture treatments.

Any discoloration on existing teeth, including black or brown spots, may indicate advanced decay or cavities. If tooth extraction becomes necessary, dentures can restore missing teeth.

Due to missing teeth and weak jaw structure, some people may find it increasingly challenging to chew foods, especially tough, sticky, or crunchy items. Dentures can restore teeth and make it easier to enjoy meals.

In addition, individuals might struggle to pronounce certain words and communicate with others due to an inability to move their mouths properly. When caused by missing teeth, dentures can improve a person’s ability to enunciate and speak clearly.

When to Get Dentures

If you notice any warning signs, booking an appointment with a prosthodontist should be your next step. These professionals can provide an evaluation to determine if dental prosthetics are necessary. During this process, they’ll analyze x-rays to assess any jaw bone loss and the condition of your existing teeth.

If you need dentures, the process involves several steps. First, a prosthodontist will evaluate your mouth and gums to measure for a precise fit. They’ll take impressions and use them to create a wax model of how the dentures will look once complete.

Afterward, you’ll have a fitting. Your prosthodontist will place a wax or plastic denture model in your mouth, allowing you to get accustomed to its presence and feel. They’ll adjust the model until it fits correctly and comfortably.

Following the fitting, dental lab technicians use the wax model to create the prosthesis using acrylic resin or metal alloy frames and false teeth made from porcelain, ceramic, or nylon. The fabrication process typically takes one to two weeks.

When the dentures are complete, you’ll return to your prosthodontist to ensure that everything fits properly and feels comfortable in your mouth. Your specialist will provide instructions on how to care for your new set of dentures and maximize longevity.

Get Denture Treatments at Local Start Dental

If you still find yourself wondering, “Do I need dentures?” Reach out to Local Start Dental. With our personalized care plans and commitment to individualized attention, we can create a customized solution for you. Our caring staff members can answer all your questions and work with you every step, from developing the best treatment plan to finding the perfect fit.

Our unique denture fitting and installation at Local Start Dental ensures the highest-quality results. Not only do we use cutting-edge technology, but our team of highly-skilled professionals provides excellent customer service. If you need dentures, don’t wait any longer – get in touch by calling 919.569.5533 today.